Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we buy one piece as sample ?

Yes you can. For that please send us an email about quality that you liken.

We would like to produce for our own brand could we work with your models ?

Yes and No. If model is not closed for one of our customer; yes we can produce otherwise if we dealed for closing for one client we can not produce it for at least one year (regarding to aggrement).

Could you produce a shirt regarding to our design ?

Yes. Definatly we can. But please first contack us with email and send picture of quality or design scetchs that you want to produce.

What are minimum quantities of an order ?

Its changing regarding to quality please send an email for more information. But its starting with minimum 300 pieces / model- 3 colors(100 each).

What are minimum quantities of a private label order ?

Changes regarding to model. Starting from 1000 pieces. 

How is the delivery ?

By air it takes 2 - 7 days all over world. With DHL - UPS - TNT for small sample shipments (1 to 100 pieces) it takes 2-5 days all over world.