saten fabric

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saten fabric

Weave filling yarn crawl at the bottom and one on the pattern you 3 steps to graphics using the shuttle loom fabric as the fabric is made of seven warp yarns internetlaced ago while bypassing continues to weave satin weave pattern appears again buoyajncy for example step 1.8 buoys satin represent the seven filings that interlaces ago warp atlar sat fabric yarn accessories ter any fabric 0212 438 55 22 satin fabric net satin fabrics type satin long floating delicate fabrics to produce and short floating thick fabric saten serge is kind of weaving grain smooth and very glossy surface is a fabric yarns on each other and very often on both sides of the fabric is woven satin type of change by the amount of silk used. +90 (212) 438 55 22 +90 (212) 438 55 22


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