interlock Fabric

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interlock Fabric

Just double knitted on circular knitting machine needles can cover the cylinder and perpendicular to each other and opposite positions obtained by positioning double layer knitted fabric interlock fabric interlock on the type of call transverse and longitundinal stretching or malarda se only the left while the right loops are not possible interlock material indistinguishable duplex structure of the front and back surfaces and shape retention because it is capable of knitting a fabric weight is very because the material is less than the cost may rise somewhat but excessively pull loops often tends to escape when applied what we think of as a feature of good air permeability is less because in this way keeps you warm in the winter while keeping you cool in the summer fabric is often confused with to understand that there are different kinds of ways but the most common is the easiest way is to stretch stretching the fabric so that the loop can be analyzed and understood type.


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