How are sewn shirts

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How are sewn shirts

l wore striped double breasted blouse cuffs to the arms and wanted to tell you the step by step photos width according to my wrist cuffs adding sema allowance also brought verbatim lf you stretch your fabric based on should note that if you do him strong to stop half pasted to coincide interlining make strong parts with aclean cloth so that the flas side seams important points in bur doubling the length of the longer side must be left clean when you add in the arm for sewing to get our share after preparing sew the side seams close to the body in my arms always ready to slash their place l look at my shirt while doing it to be larger that l still got the lines verbatim l cut small pieces of fabric inside straight to be planted as in the picture after turning into part of the arm slit with a close finish been sewing width narrower than the width of the lever arm to the end because l did slash battery also looking at my shirt l'm ready after you set cuff and the arm cuff cuff with single stitch from the inside dah long after we left the edge to the arm cuff includes a flat meandering direction perpendicular to the arm cuff with clean been sewing muntaza near the edges of the sleeve to hold a stitch all passed more sports to appear as so l want my blouse the tiny studs and buttons can also use the marrow


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