Silk Fabric Types

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Silk Fabric Types

Raw silk weaving or kinitting bükülür scarve strong enough to form strand of silk thread creation process of throwing the founder of filaments called and prevents division thread four different types of silk thread may be prepared by this procedure crepe tram and thrown singles organdy crepe raw silk twisting individual threads or more of these two together folding twisting and then made them again tram in only one direction two or more threads are made with twist thrown singles are individual subjects are twisted in one direction.

To form single strand sometimes with a slight twits 8 at a time as it maintanins sericin with cocoon silk fibers during the process this usually is left up to the stage of yarn of woven fabric still containing raw silk silk sericin this soaps an in boiling water washed fabric soft bright and up to 30% lighter is left each cocoon is less than the amount of usable silk and a weight of about 2.500 insects are needed to produce raw silk.


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